Getting this website together was a semi-Herculean task (imagine a task made for a smaller, less attractive Hercules) and it could never have happened without all the hard work of these fine folks.

If you love this website and you run into any of these characters in the wild, please buy them a drink or a delicious dessert for their efforts.

Illustrated portrait of Sam Posnick

SAM POSNICK - Organizer, Founding Member, Illustrator

United Artists of Winnipeg was originally the brainchild of Sam, who came up with the idea after tripping over a tree root and hitting her head while on her daily run. Frustrated with the lack of availability of a centralized directory of artists, she set out to put together a searchable database for clients who are looking for a particular style of artwork. In the process, the idea evolved into a more fully-realized community for artists and customers alike. She swears she didn't design an entire complex website only to benefit herself... The first sentence also marks the first and only time the words "brain" and "child" will used in a positive context when referring to Sam.

ALLAN LORDE - Founding Member, Illustrator

A talented illustrator, former gigposters.com mainstay, and all-around great dude, Al was a major part of the initial brainstorming session and partially responsible for the group name and theme. He also helped out a bunch with the site's beta testing. If you know this man (and you probably do), give him a hearty thank you when you see him.

Illustrated portrait of Silvana Moran

SILVANA MORAN - Founding Member, Illustrator

This first-rate human and purveyor of the finest adorable and occasionally butt-themed artwork was also a major factor in the group's name, theme and design. Her support and input have been absolutely priceless, which is great because we currently have no plans in place to pay her.

JEOPE WOLFE - Founding Member, Illustrator

When he's not "yoinking" delicious baked goods, this accomplished illustrator and designer helps out UAW with his fantastic ideas and his innate talent for being perhaps even more pedantic than Sam. His help with the initial theme and testing the site's functionality has been inestimable and the site could not have come together without him.