The United Artists of Winnipeg group is made up of some extremely cool people and you should absolutely join forces with us. But perhaps you have specific questions or need a little more convincing, so please, have a look below! And if you have any questions that aren’t answered here, feel free to send us an email using the form on the Contact Us page.

Why not? First of all, it’s free. Second, there is currently no encompassing directory/community for artists of different stripes to show their work to an audience that’s looking to hire. This is a super simple way to get some work out there and by having a “One Stop Shop” for people looking to hire artists, we all benefit. And third, it’s like, super-free.

Well, not just anyone. You must be an artist/illustrator that is currently looking for or accepting of commissioned work and jobs. Basically, we are cultivating a community that wants artistic work, we are not primarily a portfolio showcase (though that is a component). Ask yourself, “Do I want to be hired to create artwork?” If the answer is a resounding “YES!” then you belong here. All styles are VERY welcome, though basic artistic standards must be met. This community is curated by humans but if you’re out there putting your all into your artwork, then we’re sure you’ll make the grade!

Currently, no! Membership with the United Artists of Winnipeg is free. If we cannot support the site with shop sales, we *may* have to institute a (very) small annual charge in the future to cover website hosting and promotional costs but should that be the case, you will be notified well in advance. As it stands, we will try our best to support the site with small product sales and money out-of-pocket.

While we are trying to cultivate a mostly Winnipeg-local community, we absolutely welcome those who live in surrounding areas and are available to work with Winnipeg clients and agencies.

Nope! You set your own rates to whatever you are comfortable with in respect to the potential job. We only ask that you offer a 5% discount to Winnipeg-based customers in order to encourage local businesses to hire local artists!

Great! First thing to do is make an account HERE, it’s super quick and easy to do. This gives you access to profile-editing features, forums, the shop, and also allows you to bookmark other favourite artists. Once that’s done, just fill out the application form with the relevant info and submit. Pick your best images to feature, the ones that best show the extent of your skills. Don’t worry too much if you make any little mistakes or change your mind about the images you’ve uploaded though, you’ll have a chance to edit those later. Then, a real live human will review your profile for errors and/or to make sure it hasn’t been submitted by one of those job-stealing red pandas from the zoo.

Assuming all is well, you’re approved and live onsite! Congrats!

1. That’s not a question, and also;

2. Join the club.

3. If you’d like to discuss it privately, please email the site admin using the form on the “Contact Us” page. There could be some minor reason why your application couldn’t be approved, errors can be made, but even if not for those reasons, we’d happy to help you out whatever way we can.

Awesome! We’re glad you’re here! The plan is to promote the site as much as possible as an easily searchable directory for those looking to hire an artist. Ads, promo materials and mailers are hopefully something we’re looking at down the line. Also, please participate in the forums as well, a place where we can all help each other out!

Please do! We have a “Suggested Site Features” topic in the forums if it’s related to the website, and if it’s ideas for promotion or otherwise that might be more private, please use the form on the “Contact Us” page to send it to the site administrator.

You bet! Sign in to the site and use the far right menu to navigate to “My Listings” and hit edit. Changes to profiles do need to be approved by an admin after that, but I assure you, we’re on it.

Don’t do that. Focus on tagging your profile with the relevant subject matter and styles you excel in. Accurate categorization helps clients find you and keeps the search clean. The easier the site is to search, the better the experience is for the clients. And happy clients make for happy artists.

Andy Warhol once said, “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes”. So you know, we’ve got our eyes on you and good things come to those who wait. Be patient, it will happen for you.

No need to delete your profile or anything! But PLEASE kindly add a notice to the top of your profile that says that you’re currently not taking work, so that any prospective customers don’t have to wonder why you’re not responding to their emails.

Not currently, though it’s a possibility we would like to explore in the future.

Unfortunately no, we are not lawyers. UAW does not act as an agent, broker, or mediator, all client dealings are done using your own discretion.
That said, should you need outside help, please post in the forums, perhaps someone can offer advice or refer you to someone else who can help.

We at United Artists of Winnipeg do not endorse murder. That said, please use the contact form on the “Contact Us” page and give us the rundown on what happened. We will remove unwarranted bad comments/reviews and we also want to keep an eye on anyone who may be abusing their commenting privileges.