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My name is Margie and ever since I could remember I have always been drawn to art. Later in life art became my largest passion. I am a twenty-seven year old self-taught artist that focuses on working with acrylic. I work with fine tipped brushes and a steady hand.

I have been following my passion for painting for nearly eight years now.

I create miniature paintings that fit in the palm of your hand. I aim to create small pieces of art that anyone can own or wear. Even if you are limited on space or budget tiny paintings are a way for you to own an original work of art.

I started painting on a miniature scale a little over a year ago. It began as a challenge to myself, I have always been detail oriented and I wanted to see how much detail I could pack into a small canvas. The small canvas gives me the freedom to start painting and see where it takes me. When I work on larger surfaces I feel the need to sketch out my idea. Creating tiny paintings has helped me break out of that mentality. I now switch between painting miniatures, larger paintings and some abstract art.

I am inspired by the beauty and deep rich colors of nature. I mainly gravitate towards using dark moody colors with pops of bold reds and yellows in some works. I want the color palette to help set the tone of the painting.


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